Dorset Twist 100% Everlon stain resistant fibres

  • Fade resistant
  • Bleach cleanable
  • Non-allergenic
  • Moth Proof
  • 4&5 metre widths
  • Heavy domestic
  • 2 Ply yarn
  • Choice of 10 colours


Fully fitted including 10mm underlay, grippers & doorbars for only...




We supply and fit a range of underlay for carpets, wood and laminate floors with a wide variety of accessories to give you a professional finish.

  Door Bars
Door Bars


Easy shim

We have a new product designed to overcome the problem that exists in almost every home - the difference in heights between flooring. Usually this situation results in an unsightly step, detracting from the appearance of a good quality installation. By using our new Easyshims, this problem is eliminated and the result is an almost invisible ramp between flooring. They also make life easier for wheelchairs and vacuum cleaners.


It’s as important to ensure the finishing of your new carpet matches its quality and the craftmanship of the fitters. Here are some samples and ideas we can help you decide on the various options available along with designs and colours.

Carpet Studs

Carpet studs Carpet studs Carpet studs


This is an ideal way to protect the corners of your skirting boards.

Skiffers Skiffers

Stair Rods

Adds that quality finish to any stairs. We have large selection of styles and colours available.

Stair Rods Stair Rods Stair Rods

Door Bars

Stylish and attractive, We have a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from.

Door Bars

Mats and Rugs


We are specialist suppliers of Heckmondwike matting.  Designed and edged with heavy duty rubber ensures  the loose lay mats sit firmly without moving on any surface.

Carpet Binding

Transfer your carpet off cuts into matching stylish rugs and mats.

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